• Relief from symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression and  grief    
  • Tools and strategies that work 
  • Stop the blame and hurt cycle now 
  • Identify and benefit from your strengths 
  • Develop resilience so that the ebb and flow of life doesn't overwhelm you  
  • Develop tolerance of differences in relationships     

    " If you haven't been in counseling before or have and are ready to try again, I'm committed to helping you learn what to do and discover real solutions to problems.

     I specialize in helping couples heal and recover from the trauma of an affair.  You may feel like there is no hope right now.  Trust has been lost and you don't know what to do.  Even if your partner is not willing to attend counseling, you can begin to make changes that can resonate in your relationship.  I have helped many couples find their way through the aftermath of an affair and go on to co-create the relationship they have always wanted.

    I offer expert attention, the best of my knowledge and almost 30 years of experience .  I have a warm, friendly relaxed style to help you feel more at ease.  You have already taken the first step in seeking help.  You are welcome to call or e-mail.  I would be pleased to talk about ways in which I can be of help.      

 Call - 805.807.9021 or e-mail marjlucas@sbcglobal.net


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